Short form videos between 1 and 3 minutes to help you improve your day to day.

How to move CSM from cost centre to profit centre

How to make the CSM department a profit centre? Report on it like a profit centre. Sam Brown from Foleon and Mick had a little chat about what reporting style gives you a seat at the revenue table:

“Report on it as a profit centre, to make it a profit centre”

How to manage the stress with a crucial tool implementation

Listen to the experts, when you have a crucial tool implementation with the potential loss of revenue, your onboarding team is the most crucial team. Mitch Spelten at Mews told Mick all about this potentially stressful situation.

  1. Be the product expert
  2. Tell your customer what they expect from you
  3. Tell your customers what you expect from them
  4. Help them to prepare for the moment and don’t be afraid to postpone it.

Various compensation structures for customer success experts

Building an OTE model for CSM is the key to scaling commercial CSM teams. Mick Weijers had a chat with Sam Brown at Foleon about various comp structures.

  1. Compensation drives behaviour
  2. If you expect to deliver expect to compensate
  3. Base targets on influenced revenue and retention rates

How to hire CSM in a tough Amsterdam market

Hiring CSM in Amsterdam is a hot topic, personally, I am hiring for CS positions and it is very difficult. So I reached out to Sam Brown at Foleon to discuss his hiring process. This inspired me to really make it all about the candidate and his/her training and development.

3 takeaways:

  1. Build a brand and stand out!
  2. How do you communicate that you invest in people?
  3. What are you going to do for the candidate in the long run?

Renewal tips, is a QBR the solution

How can you prepare for a renewal? There is a little checklist that Laura always uses. Especially in the enterprise market, it is all about bringing them more value than the competitor.

  1. Check all the tickets and pending issues
  2. Bring in the product team if you need to deliver extra value
  3. Make a better offer with discount for a multiple years contract to get more commitment
  4. Be on time and be proactive

Always renew with a 2 or 3 year contract

Mick always thinks it is difficult to switch between all gears while operating in CS. Sometimes you need to have the relationship modus on, and other times you need to have the sales hat on. He had a great chat with Laura Ojala where we discussed her previous experience as a renewal expert.

  1. Try to renew every contract with a multi-year contract
  2.  Balance the relationship with the sales

Bingo cards and cake for Customer Success

I had the chance to discuss Onboarding of new CSM team members with Robert Verweij. He told me about a Bingo card that really helped him and his team to talk to others, learn about the business terminology.
It depends on the company culture but try to add fun elements, it really works” I loved it how he inspired me to work hard to win over new talent in this competitive market.
Make sure the onboarding is there for the new recruit so you give them the best chances to succeed in a new role.

How to talk to C level as a junior CSM

For juniors, it is always a challenge to have a meeting, QBR or renewal with C-level managers. How do you prepare for such a meeting? It’s all about relationship management, but when should you bring a senior expert with you? Sam Brown shared some of his insights.

  1. Become a subject matter expert for your area
  2. Build credibility over time and listen, listen & listen
  3. Sometimes match like for like titles

The difference in customers from France and the Netherlands

Let’s talk about international CSM teams. How to cover the European market? Everybody loves the American market because of the scalability, but don’t forget to expand in Europe. There lies the biggest potential. I had a great chat with Colas Mazeron about the differences between Dutch and French clients. Tech touch is the trend, but some countries still need the personalised approach and it actually pays off. Quickly check the 3 takeaways from the French expert.

  1. Speak French, all documentation needs to be in French
  2. Deliver the service, provide what they thought they bought
  3. Go for the personalised approach

How to move from Customer Service to Customer Success

Mick had the pleasure to talk to Volkan Toklu about how he switched from a support role into a Customer Success Manager position.

I loved it when he said: “Best choice in my career was moving from support to CSM, because I’m able to manage my time. It’s per my schedule”

The whole market is looking for great CSM professionals. This is the moment to make that switch in your career. Reach out to Volkan, he has a lot to tell you about his switch